Chemistry Resources

The following links have been provided by the Chemistry SAR, James Ripka, Ph.D., for all teachers to use. If you are aware of any additional web resources that are available, please contact the webmaster.

Greenbowe Animations

A collection of different Flash simulations and animations from Tom Greenbowe, Iowa State University.

DeWitt Videos

An amazing collection of YouTube videos, which highlight the major topics in chemistry.

Bozeman Science

YouTube playlists of science-related topics created by Mr. Paul Andersen.


Free resources from the ACS ChemMatters magazine for chemistry students.

Rosengarten Chemistry

Collection of chemistry packets and music videos for Regents and Honors students.

Chemistry Olympiad

Collection of past Chemistry Olympiad exam questions. Great for students preparing for competition or the AP exam.


A collection of resources for AP Chemistry teachers and students.

PhET Chemistry

A collection of animations specific to chemistry-related phenomena.

CK-12 Chemistry

Online textbook and resources covering many of the topics studied in introductory chemistry courses.

MIT Open Courseware

The many free MIT Chemistry courses available to everyone.


A collection of virtual labs and tutorials.

Periodic Table

An interactive Periodic Table from the RSC with properties and videos of most elements.

Flipped Chemistry

Online community of resources for Chemistry teachers that have flipped their classes.

Palermo Chemistry

The flipped course website for Mr. Palermo, William Floyd HS.

Khan Academy Chemistry

A list of chemistry videos created for the Khan Academy website.