Earth Science Resources

The following links have been provided by the Earth Science SAR, Melissa Torre, for all teachers to use. If you are aware of any additional web resources that are available, please contact the webmaster.

Earth Science Week

Resources for teachers to use during Earth Science Week.

NYS ES Teacher

The personal website of Christopher Visco, with resources for Earth Science and Astronomy.


Website with topically-arranged Resources for Earth Sciences and Geogrpahy Instruction.

NASA Links

A collection of resources organized through the Global Change Master Directory from NASA.


Website of activities and resources focusing on the major topics of Earth Science, provided by the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC-Berkeley.

Review Earth Science

Collection of resources to help students prepare for the ES Regents exam.

Daily Astronomy Pic

NASA collection of daily astronomy pictures with a searchable archive of older submissions.

Google Earth

Essential tool for all teachers, allowing students access to a virtual globe and geographical information from places around the world.

Daily Earth Science Pic

USRA collection of daily Earth Science pictures with archived submissions organized by day and category.

ES Regents Review Videos

A YouTube playlist from Hommocks Middle School (Larchmont, NY) featuring many of the topics testable on the ES Regents exam.


Searchable database of topographical maps based on an entered address.

ES Share-A-Thon

A collection of ES resources from teachers from around New York State.

A collection of classroom activities that can be adapted based on personal needs.

Hommocks Middle School

The website companion of the Hommocks Middle School Earth Science department (see above for YouTube review videos).


Educator resources provided by the United States Geological Survey.