Elementary Science Resources

The following links have been provided by the Elementary SAR, Joe Malave, for all teachers to use. If you are aware of any additional web resources that are available, please contact the webmaster.

Car Science Experiments

K-5 resources for teachers interested in incorporating the science of cars.

NOAA Resources

K-5 resources for teachers interested in the oceans, climate, weather, and marine life.

Adventures in Chemistry

K-5 resources from the ACS in understanding simple chemistry-based concepts.

NASA for Students

Interesting topics for students to investigate in astronomy.

NASA for Educators

Collection of lesson plans and other resources specific for K-4 teachers.

Engineering is Elementary

A collection of resources for elementary teachers from the Museum of Science (Boston) to foster engineering literacy in young children.

NGSS Elementary

Some NGSS lesson plans from Michigan teachers tailored for specific grade levels.

Science Kids

A bunch of science lessons, quizzes, projects, and videos for kids.

Recycle City

Interaactive activity where students are asked to clean up "Dumptown".

NatGeo Kids

Kid-themed website with resources provided from the National Geographic Society.

Elementary SciOly

Start students early with over 200 events based on the NGSS.

Bill Nye

Personal website with educational resources for certain episodes for the widely popular TV series.


The highly popular website for younger learners.

The Bridge

A collection of marine-based lesson plans and resources from the College of William & Mary.

Science Buddies

Hands-on resources for science fair projects.


Online simulations for students grades 3 and up.