Environmental Science Resources

The following links have been provided by the Environmental Science DAL, Sonja Anderson, for all teachers to use. If you are aware of any additional web resources that are available, please contact the webmaster.

Planet Earth

A series of resources from the Global Education Project.

Encyclopedia of Earth

Expert reviewed information regarding different topics concerning the Earth.

The Habitable Planet

Classroom materials for a systems-based curriculum supplied by the Annenberg Foundation.


Real-time estimate of the US and World Populations.

Population Pyramids

Interactive population pyramids of the World (1950-2100).

Kwanga APES

Collection of resources from NBCT Mrs. Bauck, including lessons and additional websites.

La Canada APES

Another teacher website with unit notes, homeworks, and other teacher resouces for the APES curriculum.

Environmental Education

Educational resources provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Consumer Consequences

Online interactive activity to determine the impact of the consumer on the environment.