Physics Resources

The following links have been provided by the webmaster for all teachers to use. If you are aware of any additional web resources that are available, please contact the webmaster.

the Physics Classroom

The home of many physics-related tutorials and interactives to help students review major topics.

APlusPhysics Regents

A review book's companion website with materials to help prepare for the Physics Regents.

APlusPhysics Videos

The video section of the previous review book.

PhET Physics

Different Java applets developed to investigate different physical phenomena.

CSUN Resources

A collection of resources for physics teachers created by the California State University at Northridge.

Flipping Physics

A YouTube playlist featuring many of the topics covered on the new AP Physics I curriculum.

Bozeman Science

A YouTube playlist from Paul Andersen featuring topics covered in an advanced Physics course.


An extensive resource for the many topics found in introductor and advanced level physics courses.

101 Regents Facts

A list of various facts that students should master in advance of their Regents Physics exam.

Hippocampus Physics

A collection of media resources and worked problems from the Khan Academy.

Learners TV

Many animations to reinforce physics concepts.

Brainstorm Physics

Another collection of video lessons for many topics covered in various physics curricula.

Complete Course

A complete Regents Physics course site with PowerPoints, labs, homework, and review from Mr. Butchko.


Physics articles written for various age levels.

Sixty Symbols

Videos pertaining to the various symbols used in physics and in astronomy.